Magnetic Snaps and Its Uses for Shoes and Windows


Many creative designers are there who have designed the shoes of various kinds with fancy hooks and buttons and laces and so on. But now you can also be a creative designer of your shoes. If you have any old shoes or fancy shoes or heel shoes with lace and hooks that have got damaged, or if you have a sports shoes whose lace have got damaged and you cannot wear it, then one of the best thing that you can do is that shouldn’t throw the shoes. You can instead alter it and switch a magnetic snap on the shoes. It is that simple and easy.

For Bracelets –

Besides, that if you check in the market you will get shoes with magnetic closures, but I suggest that if you have a fancy footwear with ribbons or lace then you can make it even more comfortable to wear by altering it and fixing it with magnetic snaps. Small size magnetic snaps are also available online, which you can purchase and fix it on the chains and bracelets. There are plethoras of uses of magnetic snaps. One of the best uses is that you can use it on the bracelets. Wearing a bracelet on one wrist with the help of the other hand is impossible. Now, you can make it easy by altering your bracelet and using a magnetic snap, which will make it although more easy to wear.

For Windows –

Besides that, it is not just the only use of the magnetic snaps. Magnetic snaps can also be used for windows. If you have a two sided windows and you cannot keep it open because the windows close and open frequently because of the winds and it makes noise and also the glass panes of the windows break down, then, one of the best things that you can do is to switch to magnetic snaps. Yes, now you affix magnetic snaps on your both the sides of the windows and can keep it open, without any worry of the windows opening and shutting on its own because of too much of air.

All Types of Magnetic Snaps –

Magnetic snaps are very useful and they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors also. For fancy and accessories, you will get colorful magnetic snaps, for others like cuffs and buttons of jackets or blazer you will get magnetic snaps of square shape and round shape also. You can get any size magnetic snaps that you are looking for online in the link mentioned above. You can choose the magnetic snaps and fix it on whatever you like be it purse, or as a money clip fastener or others.

Notebook & Folders –

You can also use the magnetic snaps as a money clip fastener too. Besides, that you can also use a magnetic snap to close the notebook or a book with leather cover case and magnetic snap buttons. If there are any kind of plastic journals and folders, then you can always fix a magnetic snap instead of the plastic button, because the plastic buttons are loose, whereas the magnetic snaps are tightly fixed and have a tight magnetic hold. So, your folders will not be easily opened.


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