How to Choose Hair Colour According to Your Age


We all like experimenting with our appearances since it helps us feel more alive and rejuvenated. Changing our hair colour is a challenge, and we select a different one for each season in order to seem more appealing and with a fresh appearance. If you’re in your twenties and haven’t yet developed wrinkles or grey hair, you’re likely to play with a variety of colours, ranging from dark to fantasy, and come out looking stunning in the process. However, if you are already a woman who is experiencing the maturity stage of her life, you will undoubtedly want to appear rejuvenated and camouflage the traces of time on your face, and wearing a bright purple or black will make you appear much older than you actually are, so avoid wearing these colours.

In the same way that your manner of clothes evolves through time, so does the style of your hairstyle. Recognize which hair colours are most appropriate for you based on your age, and you will avoid making a costly error while changing your appearance. Make sure you don’t put yourself in too much danger when it comes to your appearance.

  • When one is in their younger ages (15 to 20):

This is the period of one’s life when one may take whatever risks one desires. In the same way that you may pick the haircut that best fits the form of your face, you can choose the colour that best complements the tone of your skin tone. For example, people with fair complexions with flashes of light, blondes, redheads, and blacks, to name a few examples.

For example, people with fair complexions such as someone with fair undertones with flashes of light, blondes, redheads, and blacks, to name a few examples. If you are someone with brown undertone; burgundy, light brown, the balayage process, and even violet work best with your hair colour and complexion. Everything is adaptable between the ages of 15 and 20 years old.

  • Different hair colour for women between the ages of 20 and 30.

If you happen to fall inside this bracket, consider yourself fortunate because you can experiment. This is your hair in all of its glory, glistening with sheen and brimming with life. This is the group of people who can afford to go to the extremes, such as wearing strong colours with radical haircuts. It is time to innovate and experiment; go ahead and attempt a spiky haircut; you may have any tone, such as platinum blonde, any dream colour, or any kind of highlights. It is simply necessary to consider what hair colour compliments your skin tone, your eyes, and the form of your face in order to improve your attractiveness.

You will always look better and more ready to go during the seasons of the year because you are in the beginning stages of your career, relationships, and life, and those light tones or highlights that illuminate your face will always make you look better and more ready to go during these everyday earthly situations.

  • Hair colour for women between the ages of 30 and 40

It is likely that after thirty years of age, grey hairs will start to develop. Making highlights is a good way to conceal them. Avoid going platinum blonde since it will make you seem much older than your actual age. It is suitable at this time to maintain a natural appearance by selecting a hair colour shade that is near to your original tint and, using gentle highlights or reflections, experimenting with lighting and shadows to frame your face.

We must avoid using really dark or bright colours such as black or crimson since they might make us seem larger than life and also do not set well on grey hair. This is a period in which the majority of women have already established their own style; thus, it is recommended that you wear bright colours that emphasise your features while also providing you with a sense of freshness, such as caramel, or light brown with highlights.

Moreover, if you want something a little different, try making your own babylights from scratch. The reason why they are right for you is that it is not a shade that is consistent from roots to ends, which provides your look movement, volume, and a natural appearance.

If you are a mature woman (nearing the age of 40), you will be delighted to feel satisfied, and, even though you are happy with your age, there will be days when you want to seem youthful, as well. Make it easier to conceal grey hair by using blonde tones that soften features and renew the complexion. Combine this guidance with the suggestions we provided you in previous material, which we refer to as: The blonde who suits your skin tone best. Light hair colour shades offer luminosity and volume to the hair, but this does not imply that you should go overboard with the platinum blonde colour. Wearing a colour that is a couple of shades lighter than what you are sporting might be sufficient in certain situations.

Also, choose tones that are absorbed to the natural colour of your hair, since this is the most effective anti-aging treatment that is now available. For example, if your skin is brown, attempt to paint your hair with a shade that is extremely close to it, and so on.

  • Hair colour for women between the ages of 40 and 50

At this point in one’s life, the amount of grey hairs will be rising as one gets older. Because your hair will lose density, it is critical that you take better care of it. It is your choice whether to conceal your white strands or let them look natural when you are a mature lady.

It will be dark tones that will be your worst enemies, as they will stiffen your features and highlight the wrinkles on your face. If you are already in this age group, the first guideline to remember is that fantasy colours should be avoided at all costs, and dark colours should be the very last option on your list of options. When dyeing your hair with these tones, one alternative is to add some lighter accents to give it a more natural appearance. California highlights should be avoided since they provide a more youthful appearance.

Taking into consideration shades that will effectively conceal your grey hair and warm colours in bright tones will help you, you may have to go through a minor discoloration of the hair to make them seem better is something you should consider right away. Make use of mahogany, brown, and medium blonde tones; these will ensure that you don’t seem any older than you are. We assure that if you apply golden and copper tones to your skin, you will appear radiant.

  • Hair colour for ladies above the age of 50

Some ladies are taking advantage of the current fashion trend by displaying their grey hair or going completely grey. If you are considering using dark tones to conceal your grey hair, you should do the polar opposite since dark tones will only serve to dull and stiffen your appearance even more. So, what will seem more attractive at this age? If this is the case, the method of weaved highlights or illuminations will be the greatest choice for you, as it will assist to better conceal your grey hair while also illuminating your face. For this step, the stylists provide a variety of options. We may choose to use soft tones with tiny reflections that give shine to the face, or we can use darker tones with larger reflections that add shine to the face. Take advantage of the two-tone trend by leaving a black foundation at the root of the hair and then a softer hue on the rest of it.


As always, we like to say that beauty is not the subject of hair colour or the makeup you wear. These are just the supporters of the inner beauty that you have as a human being. With the help of these suggestions, you may get a correct and contemporary appearance. This season, choose one of them and amaze everyone with its beauty. In order to get the ideal attractiveness with hair colour, it is highly advised that you always do it under the care and supervision of a professional.

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