5 Bra mistakes that women make


Did you know that a study found that 85 per cent of women wear the wrong bra size? That’s a lot of jiggles that got lost. The next time you go bra shopping and walk into a store and find the ideal piece of lingerie that looks great, you often think, “Ooh! I’ll get that right away. But wait a minute. To ensure that you buy the one that not only looks good but also fits well, make sure you are aware of these common blunders.

Support and comfort can greatly differ from day to day with a bra that fits and feels right. Also, a bra that doesn’t support you well can ruin your entire day. The origin of the bra was for comfort and that should be the aim.

I learned that it took more than what I thought a cup size D looked like or what I thought sizes S, M, L, or XL were to get a bra that fit me because of the internet and the measurement charts on online lingerie shops.

Let us look into common bra mistakes women make!

  • You don’t know your size.

When shopping for a bra, the most common mistake is not knowing your size. Bras and breasts are not produced in a standard manner. This makes it easy to find a bra that fits, but it also makes it hard to find one among the many options.

  • You don’t buy the perfect cup size.

On the other end of the bra-fitting spectrum, the majority of women have cups that are three whole sizes too small.

  • The bra band is ill-fitted

Believe me! Buying clothes is not the same as purchasing a bra in a larger size. While it is natural and obvious to grow up in clothes that are loose and baggy, wearing bras does not work in the same way. If your bra band is too big for you, it will never work. Put two fingers snugly between the back and the size of your bra band to determine if it fits well.

  • Buying non-adjustable bra

It is a given that your bra will eventually lose its former elasticity after some time has passed. After all, when hormones change, your bust is the first part to lose volume and the first part to gain volume. Because of this, picking a bra with straps that can be adjusted is critical. Particularly with regard to sports bras.


  • You’re wearing the bra for a long time.

It’s tempting to reach for your favourite bra month after month. You’re wearing it too often and for too long. However, the truth is that bras need time to reset their elastic after being worn.

Buy a lot of your favourite bra so you can wear it every other day or so to give it time to heal instead of wearing it every day.

Do you make these mistakes too? If yes, avoid doing so by buying the perfect bra as soon as possible.

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