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Cracked Heel Treatment with True Blue Spa Heel of Approval

April 11, 2010

Tried lots of foot creams to find out they don’t work? Well this is the last one you’ll ever need to buy. True Blue Spa’s product line is amazing!! It is a little pricey then drugstore brands but the product lasts for a very long time. Heel of Approval treats even the most severely cracked heel in ONE NIGHT! I was so surprised to see results the next day it was too good to be true. To increase the effectiveness of the cream I recommend using a moisturizing gel sock at night while you are sleeping. If you find this product too expensive to use you can even use it once and then maintain the skin with regular lotion but I recommend using it a few more times to ensure your cracked skin is healed. It costs $15 but when they have a sale at Bath and Body Works it is $10 each when you buy 2 True Blue Spa products… Continue Reading »