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Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

September 27, 2014


Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret ($100) Gives you a revolutionary new way to instantly create beautiful curls. This one-of-a-kind styling tool gently draws hair into its exclusive tourmaline ceramic curl chamber without putting too much tension on hair thus protecting your hair’s elasticity. With Curl Secret, styling is effortless and superior curls are foolproof. Just choose the your combination of heat and timing for your desired look, open the handles and place hair in the curl chamber. Press to close, and hair is drawn in and surrounded by heat from all directions. When the timer signals the curl is ready, simply open to release a perfect curl.

Recommendation: This curler has has 3 timer settings: 8 ,10, and 12 seconds and a low and high temperature setting. You can choose how loose or tight you want your curl by using the different heat and timer settings. For a looser curl you’d choose less time and low or high heat depending on your hair type. If it is thick it may require more heat and time. The great thing about this curler is all you need to do is separate a 1 inch section to insert into the curler and it does all the work for you. Usually when I curl my hair with a regular hair curler my hair can turn out a little frizzy if I don’t comb through my hair sections. I was able to curl my hair in less than 10 minutes, a lot faster than it does with a traditional curler. If you’re worried about your hair getting stuck inside the curler then don’t. The hair comes out very easily when you unclamp the curler. I used the 10 second and high heat setting with some hair spray to get the loose waves pictured.  This is a great new innovative hair curler that everyone who wants to do their hair quickly should have but at the price it is currently I would wait for a sale before getting it.

Disclosure: This product was sent for consideration by PR representatives and the above are my opinions not influenced by other parties.

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  1. Emil says:

    That looks like a great product!

    Those curls look great. :)

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