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Burberry Beauty Light Glow Blush

September 23, 2010

Burberry Beauty Light Glow Blush ($42) gives a bright and radiant finish with warm glowing skin. It is formulated with silicone to provide an easy glide and its airy micro-powder ensures rich shades for an effortlessly natural fresh complexion and healthy glow. Apply Burberry Light Glow on the hollow of your cheek to slim face, or apply it at the top of the cheek to highlight the face.

Recommendation: Love love love this blush. Comparable to other high end brands at about the same price. Definitely the easiest blush to blend with the perfect shade for my skintone.

Like all of the other compact products this blush includes protective fabric pouch debossed with Burberry check and also a mini brush. The brush that comes with it is average in quality. It is not scratchy but since it is so thin it won’t do as good a job as a full blush brush. Its a good emergency brush to use if you don’t have one. This case is not light, seems like it is made of metal and has some weight to it. This blush comes in 5 shades:

  • No. 01 Russet Blush
  • No. 02 Cameo Blush
  • No. 03 Rose Blush
  • No. 04 Peony Blush
  • No. 05 Blossom Blush

Like it claims it is very easy to apply. The texture is soft and has just the right amount of pigmentation. No. 01 Russet Blush is the perfect color for contoured cheeks. It is a muddled pink with enough darkness to create a shadow at the hollows of your cheeks and enough pink pigmentation for a natural glow on your cheekbones.

Availability: Nordstrom.com
Rating: A

No. 01 Russet Blush

Disclosure: This product was sent for consideration by PR representatives and the above are my opinions not influenced by other parties.

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